The Secret Power of Wonderful Pyjamas

The Secret Power of Wonderful Pyjamas


In today’s pedigreed world of hustle and bustle, this entry was specifically written for those who have that same inherent love for sleep as I do.  It’s a common notion for us sleep enthusiasts to know that sleep is probably one of the best humanly gifts out there. It is so important that running on too little of it can lead to detrimental health effects on your mind and body. Higher stress, low self-esteem, depression, countless negative behavioral issues – the list goes on and on.

Improving the quality of sleep has become a herculean task for many, but this could be easily achieved in one basic step: simply elevating your nighttime routine. There has been a lot of talk on everyday wellness, but do people really understand the concept? The fundamentals are pretty basic: everyday wellness is centered on self-care and feeling good. I’m not just talking about that weekly yoga class or that muesli breakfast bowl you so eagerly prepare – wellness happens every day and every night, and this extends to finding small and simple ways to care for yourself. We sometimes forget that it’s those tiny upgrades that make all the difference and considering how sleep dominates such a huge part of our lives, why not start with our pyjamas. 

The common misjudgement is that your bed is enough for a good night’s sleep, but what most seem to forget is that it’s your overall routine that hits a home run. Just as bedtime stories soothe children, your nighttime routine can either reduce or add confidence in your sleeping patterns. From feeling great as soon as you wake up to giving insomniacs that extra push to rest easy, these are only some of the benefits in properly choosing your nightly ensemble. As cliché as it sounds, feeling great on the inside sometimes emanates from looking good on the outside. And that big, old (and highly unflattering) university shirt back in the day? Trust me when I say that it won’t necessarily do much for your self-esteem. 

Modifying your behavior is an incredibly powerful tool when used correctly. Simply put, your good habits give rise to even better habits, and that seed of confidence you just planted will grow accordingly. So what’s the secret power of wonderful pyjamas, you ask? It’s effortlessly taking your sleep (and life) up a notch. It’s little effort for a much greater reward.

This is your wake-up call – literally. It’s time for that upgrade.